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Extra Innings Mobile Instructor App

Be a Better Ball Player with the Best Instructional Tool since the Tee!

Extra Innings makes it a priority to help you develop your baseball and softball skills so you become the best player possible. That's why we provide the ONLY App on the market to allow you to get instant feedback on your game! This state of the art mobile video analysis tool allows you to have an instructor wherever you're playing and track your progress as you develop.

Available on the App Store

Use the Analyze Player Video to be a better coach!

Mark up your player’s video with a full set of professional tools, including scaleable shapes, freehand drawing, ball icons, full screen grid and text notes, and more!

Save and send the analyzed video straight to your player’s email, complete with titlecard and summary screen and customizable voice over notes.

Need More Feedback? Use the Professional Analysis feature!

For a more professional analysis, submit your player’s videos to the instructors at Extra Innings - right through the app!

Players who submit their swing or pitch receive a fully analyzed video from their local Extra Innings instructor filled with notes and voice-over comments, in a style similar to the telestrators you see on TV, all within 48 hours!

For a limited time only - All players receive one FREE professional Extra Innings analysis when they download the Mobile Instructor from iTunes or the App Store.

Benefits of the Mobile Instructor App…

Coaches can get the most out of Team Practice by recording each player and using slow motion technology to see what they need to work on

Coaches can email their analyzed and marked up video straight to their players’ email so players can review corrections at home

Players can take an instructor with them wherever they go so their game is constantly monitored

Players can save analyzed videos and track progress to constantly identify areas that need improvement

Professional instructors all over the country are available for analysis

Have a preferred Extra Innings instructor see you in action before your first lesson

With the Extra Innings Mobile Instructor App,
We've got YOUR PROGRESS covered all year!

Fore more information and pricing, find the Extra Innings Mobile Instructor on iTunes or the App Store!

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