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Training Area

Use the latest training tools for better performance.

Training Area | Extra Innings Indy South

The training area at Extra Innings is an area designed for players to fine tune their hitting skills or work on drills that were recommended by one of our instructors during a private lesson. Inside you'll be able to use any of the latest training aids we have available. All training aids in our facility have been recommended by our instructors to improve your swing when used properly.

Training Area Tools:

  • Tees of ALL Sizes
  • 9-Hole Pitchers Pockets
  • Hack Attack Pitching Machines
  • And Much More!

Circuit Training Area

1 Circuit Training Area - (individual use only)
Half Hour Rental - $22
Full Hour Rental - $37

Team Training - 1 hour

  2 Tunnels,  1 Circuit Training Area -  $95
  2 Tunnels, 2 Circuit Training Area - $115
  2 Tunnels, 3 Circuit Training Area - $135

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