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Multi-Use Tunnels

Practice batting, pitching, and fielding at your own pace.

Indoor Multi-Use Baseball & Softball Tunnels | Extra Innings Indy South

At Extra Innings Indy South we have nine multi-use tunnels in total. The tunnels are rented out by the half hour and full hour to the public or used weekly by the members of the facility. Although reservations are taken and recommended for tunnel use, walk-ins are welcome upon availability. Each tunnel is separated by retractable netting in order to allow more training space.

Indoor Baseball & Softball Batting Cages - HitTrax | Extra Innings Indy South


Players can now hit beyond the cage indoors by allowing them to view their hits live as if you are playing in your favorite stadium! HitTrax™ accurately measures the speed and trajectory of the ball while calculating the realistic outcome while also measuring key performance metrics and generates reports based on a wide variety of criteria. These interactive reports can be immediately analyzed, printed, and emailed to players to keep them engaged and striving to get to the next level. With advanced tools such as the Baseline Assessment Report, players can also be quickly evaluated to illustrate progress and determine areas for improvement.

Tunnel Rentals

Long Hitting/Pitching Tunnels (Tunnels 1-8)
  Half Hour - $25
  Full Hour - $40

Short Hitting Tunnels (Tunnels A-G)
  Half Hour - $20
  Full Hour - $30

Speed & Agility Area
  Half Hour - $25
  Full Hour - $40

HitTrax Tunnel Rentals

  Half Hour - $35
  Full Hour - $50

Also, $2 per person for a 9 inning game
$55 for a 30 min lesson in HitTrax. $45 for Members

Team Training - 1 hour

  2 Tunnels,  1 Circuit Training Area -  $90
  2 Tunnels, 2 Circuit Training Area - $110
  2 Tunnels, 3 Circuit Training Area - $130

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